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We are a small design studio located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Founded in 2016 to provide specialized services in Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) and professional 3D production along with design services. We provide a unique fusion of Design development & 3D production on one place. We are also into a professional web-development and graphic design.

Our objective is to create attractive results for our clients such as 3D animations, static visuals, prototypes or interactive virtual environments (3D games, 3D virtual tours). In co-operation with our clients, we are always working on unique projects.

For more, please visit also our Portfolio and Services.

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Karpatské námestie 13
831 06 Bratislava
Slovakia, EU

BID/IČO:   50349007
TAX ID/DIČ:   2120294374
VAT/IČ DPH:   SK2120294374
IBAN:   SK93 1100 0000 0029 4402 4199