3d dizajn - intro


List of our skills

3D production

> 3D rendering - classic and real-time rendering
> 3D animation - product animations & VFX visual effects (physical simulations, particle effects etc.)
> 3D modeling - polygonal modeling (low-poly > for game environments, high-poly > for realistic visualisations)
> Development of games & other projects using real-time technology > Unreal Engine and Unity


Industrial & transportation design development
> Game design and environment design > concept design, level design
> Development of product's appearence, emotion, shape and functionality
> Creation of digital 3D model of product up to it's final stage (from low-poly sketch to detailed 3D geometry)
> Design prototyping - preparation of 3D data for 3D printing or CNC milling

VFX & Video Production

> Creation of visual effects of any type - (VFX & Motion Graphics)
> Production of video content - video recording & photographing
> Video content editing - cutting, trimming, color editing, subtitling and other editing

Graphic Design & Web Design

> Graphics Design - Designing and creating books, school-books, magazines and various 2D oriented outputs (prints, banners, etc.)
> Development of projects focused on education (educational materials in digital and analog forms, school-books)
> Grapghics Processing of prints, following client's needs (annual reports, catalogues, leaflets, posters, business cards, billboards, etc.)
> Printing Service - we offer realisation of printing - Client recieves final printed materials
> COMPLETE GRAPHIC DEVELOPMENT - Corporate Design development and promotional items
> WEB-APPLICATIONS and WEB-DESIGN - development of web-design with front-end HTML/CSS coding